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       A unique initiative of CRC Kozhikode in association with District Administration Kozhikode, for the issuance of Disability Medical Board Certificates in the district was taken up. Out of 10,072 applications received for disability certificate, 5191 applications were processed in Phase-I and 2404 certificates were issued. The balances of 4881 applications were processed as phase-II and 1227 disability medical board certificates could be generated and issued to eligible beneficiaries in Phase-II.

          The phase II of the initiative was completed by conducting medical board camps from April to June 2018.

  • Total 10,072 applications were received through Social Justice Department through Anganwadi workers.
  • As first phase, 5091 applications processed by conducting 26 Disability Medical Boards at seven zones of Kozhikode, by co-ordinating with District Medical Office, Government Medical College Kozhikode, Revenue Dept. etc.
  • Campuses of Kozhikode Student Volunteers and Non Governmental Organizations were sensitized and trained.
  • The scrutiny of applications and data entry process were done by hundreds of student volunteers of ‘Campuses of Kozhikode’ initiative.
  • District Collector’s Internship Programme (DCIP) interns co-ordinated the conduct.
  • Programme conduct was facilitated by local people like nearby NGOs, College students, paralegal volunteers etc.
  • 2,404 Medical Board Certificates could be generated and 747 Legal Guardianship Certificates were issued by conducting 6 special Adalaths for Legal Guardianship.
  • The balance 4881 applications were processed in Phase-II.
  • 16 Medical Board camps could be conducted in six locations of the district.
  • Screening of hundred of clients for Hearing Impairment and IQ assessment were done at camp sites by the Medical – Paramedical staff of CRC Kozhikode, IMHANS & GMHC Kuthiravattom.
  • Legal Guardianship applications were distributed to 126 eligible beneficiaries during camps.
  • A total number of 1227 Disability Medical Board certificates could be generated in phase-II.






          As part of implementation of UDID issuance in Kerala, registrations for UDID cards for the eligible beneficiaries could be started online by CRC-K on a massive scale, in the Govt. portal created for the purpose.         

         All the necessary documents with regard to the UDID registration for the new 1227 beneficiaries (who received the Medical Board certificate) were also collected & compiled and have been undertaken by CRC-K for the issuance of UDID. A few beneficiaries have already been issued the UDID cards.

        It is planned by CRC-K, along with the District Administration, that the entire differently abled beneficiaries in the District, who are in possession of Medical Board Certificate is issued with the UDID card; as a special project.

  • The total beneficiaries will number above 20,000.
  • The project is planned to be implemented in the coming 06 months.