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  • To undertake public education programme for creation of awareness in community regarding PwDs.
  • To establish linkage with state and district administration and non- government organizations.
  • To stimulate growth of services in the field of rehabilitation by encouraging and supporting organizations, parent’s group, self help group etc.
  • To develop strategies for delivery of rehabilitation services.
  • To provide therapeutic services for PwDs, especially children, through early intervention.
  • To act as nodal agency for vocational trainig and placement of PwDs.
  • To provide more number of qualitative professionals in the field of rehabilitation of PwDs by conducting RCI accredited diploma, degree, postgraduate, doctoral programmes etc.
  • To function as a consultancy/advocacy agency for the Government, non- government institution in the field of disability affairs.
  • Provision of assistive devices to persons with disabilities.
  • To undertake research& development.