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  • Mary Elizabeth Tidiya Walarine & Binoy Mathew KV, Behavioural Objective Model-An overview (2016) Amazon Kindle, United States. (Book).
  • Dr. Roshan Bijlee, Director, CRC-K was an editor in one published book titled “SAHAY”, along with Dr. PN. Suresh Kumar. This is an awareness creation handbook for persons with mental illness such as Schizophrenia. The book highlights major topics such as types of mental illness, causes of mental illness, treatment available for various mental illnesses and also the concessions and benefits that they can avail from the State and Central Government agencies.








In addition to the handbook, Dr. Roshan Bijlee also involved in the creation of video for the public on the title “Schizophrenia Sathyavum Midhyavum, which has been presented at Town Hall in connection with World Schizophrenia Day observations.

  • Shri. Binoy Mathew, K.V. Lecturer in Physiotherapy, published an article in a leading newspaper of Kerala “Mathrubhoomi” on a relevant issue on a topic of providing physiotherapy at self-help groups of elderly people
  • Binoy Mathew K V, Culaccino- Journey with a Physio, Amazon Kindle (USA) October 2016. The book is about the experiences gained from human life’s in the professional front. The experiences of persons with various disorders/disabilities and caregivers are beautifully depicted in a humanitarian point of view
  • Varadhrajan S, Suresh Kumar, M, Kalyani Kennath (2016), Depression and Expression of Hostility in Schizhoprehnia, International Journal Advanced Research and Review, Vol 1(6);173-177 (ISBN 2279-0543).


  • Kurinji Chelvan S (2017), Impact of Parents Training Material on Wheelchair Skills of Adolescence with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Review (ISSN 2395-1877).



  • Binoy Mathew K.V., Lecturer Physiotherapy, CRC-K: Maryelizabeth Tidiya Walarine, Binoy Mathew K V (2017)Perception of nurses working in Kozhikode toward Evidence-Based Practice – A Cross-Sectional Study Protocol, International Journal of Current Research.9(3);47480-47482 towards-evidence-based-practice-cross-sectional-study-pr
  • Dr. Suresh Kumar M, Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology, CRC-K: Sneha Latha M, Julius Xavier Scott, Suresh Kumar M, Lalitha Subramanian, Rajendran A. (2017). Parent’s Perspectives on the End-of-life Care of their Child with Cancer: Indian Perspective. Indian Journal of Palliative Care, 22(3), 317-321.
  • Binoy Mathew K V –Lecturer (Physiotherapy) published a book titled "Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Dynamic Rotator Stability Test" by an International publisher Lambert Academic Publishing with ISBN number 978-620-2-06516-0.

  • The research paper “Multiple strategy intervention for exerting more pressure in writing – single case study” of Shri. Kurinji Chelvan, Lecturer, Occupational Therapy, was published in the “International Journal of Current Research and Modern Education” ISSN: 2455-5428, Volume 2, Issue 2, 2017.



  • The letter was written by Mr Binoy Mathew K V, Lecturer, Physiotherapy, in response to an inspiring article about Sri. Arun Shourie (Former Central Minister and writer) and his 41-year-old son with Cerebral Palsy on the occasion of Father’s Day got published in Mathrubhumi Daily Newspaper on 2-7-2017. In the letter, Mr.Binoy Mathew K V wished that parents of Children with Special Needs may get inspired by the article and feel comfortable taking their children for public events and functions. He mentioned the need to make facilities in the Government sector to address the extreme mental stress experienced by parents of Children with Special Needs. Also, he expressed the need to make the public places disable friendly as early as possible.



  • The Letter written by Mr. Binoy Mathew K V, in response to an article by  Dr. Muralidharan about his experience with a wheelchair-bound paraplegic person, Mr Ashok Hanse got published in Mathrubhumi Daily Newspaper on 10-7-2017. Mr Binoy Mathew K V mentioned the need for adequate training in “Breaking the Bad News” for health professionals. He stressed the need for providing clear and precise information to persons with paraplegia and other disabilities so that they can make realistic planning making use of their existing capabilities and skills.


  • The Letter written by Mr Binoy Mathew K V, Lecturer, Physiotherapy in response to an article about the increase in death and severe injury due to motor vehicle accidents in Kozhikode got published in Mathrubhumi Daily Newspaper on 24-7-2017.


  • The letter was written by Mr. Binoy Mathew K V, in response to an inspiring article about Rakesh Rajnikanth, who gained excellence in music despite having Blindness and Autism got published in Mathrubhumi Newspaper on 7th August 2017. In the letter, Mr. Binoy Mathew stressed the role parents play in identifying and encouraging the hidden talents in children with special needs. He also pointed out the need to explore the therapeutic benefits of Indian Music.