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          Social Work Department connect the clients with all departments of the institute and works with a strong desire to help and improve the quality of life of people. Rehabilitation services are coordinated by Department of Social Work through centre based and outreach programmes.

Case History Taking

          Taking Case History enables the professional to communicate with the patient about his/her symptoms, feelings and fears so as to obtain an insight into the nature of clients present and past illness. The purpose of history taking and interview is to elicit sufficient information to establish a diagnosis, assess relevant biological, psychological and social factors that are pertinent to the client and presenting conditions and formulate the range of specific therapeutic intervention. Hence the method of history taking is of great importance in the field of multiple disabilities.

          Once the case history is collected, then the client will be referred to other departments for specific assessment and intervention. Apart from regular services, CRC-K also conducts special outreach activities for PwDs.