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  • Mega - Disability medical board certification & legal guardianship camps.
  • Special - AADHAAR enrolment camp for persons with disabilities.
  • Special - Legal Aid Clinic in association with DLSA (District Legal Service Authority) for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Special - Learners License Issuance Camp for Persons with Locomotor Disabilities in association with RTO, Motor Vehicles Department, Govt. of Kerala.
  • 'Magic lantern' – a CRC- SSA combined project for Children with Special Needs.
  • CSR funds mobilization for setting up Vocational Rehab Unit.
  • Campuses of Kozhikode' - volunteer force for the differently abled.
  • Employability skill training programme.
  • Regular - parents meet.




Disability Medical Board Certification & Legal Guardianship Adalath & Distribution Camp in Kozhikode District.



As part of the efforts, to address the grievances of the marginalized sector, a unique proceeding was initiated to settle off all the pending applications for Disability Medical Board Certificates, its renewal and issuance of Legal Guardianship Certificates in Kozhikode District.

There are 7,93,937 disabled persons in Kerala (Disability Census, Kerala- 2015). Majority of them are not having Disability Medical Board Certificate, Legal Guardianship and Disability Identity Card. A unique exercise was conducted for distribution of these essential documents in the district of Kozhikode. The District Administration of Kozhikode headed by Collector Shri. U V Jose IAS and Composite Regional Centre for Persons with Disabilities took the lead role. Wide publicity was given to public through media. Volunteers and Non Governmental Organizations were sensitized and trained regarding procedures for the phase wise conduct of the initiative.

Also steps were taken for the processing of Legal Guardianship Certificate and Disability Identity Card. This is the first “zero budget initiative” in the country with the co-ordination of Central-State-Local Self Government and volunteer force.

  • 10,072 applications were received through Social Justice Department through Anganwadi workers.
  • 5091 applications processed, as first phase.
  • 26 Disability Medical Boards were constituted at seven zones of Kozhikode, by co-ordinating with District Medical Office, Government Medical College Kozhikode, Revenue Dept. etc.
  • 2,404 Medical Board Certificates could be generated.
  • 6 special Adalaths were conducted for Legal Guardianship Certificate issuance.
  • 747 Legal Guardianship Certificates were issued.
  • Campuses of Kozhikode Student Volunteers and Non Governmental Organizations were sensitized and trained.
  • The scrutiny of applications and data entry process were done by hundreds of student volunteers

                   of 'Campuses of Kozhikode' initiative.

  • District Collector's Internship Programme (DCIP) interns co-ordinated the conduct.
  • Pre screening of hundred of clients for Hearing Impairment using Audiometric evaluation and IQ assessment for Mental Retardation were done at CRC Kozhikode, IMHANS & GMHC Kuthiravattom.
  • Nearly 18,000 phone calls were made for pre-evaluation and for arranging beneficiaries for

                     various camps by student volunteers using free out call facility.

  • Programme conduct was facilitated by local people like nearby NGOs, College students, paralegal volunteers etc.
  • Infrastructure, food and refreshment were provided by Local Self Govt. Departments (LSGDs).
  • Conveyance was arranged by Revenue Dept., CRC-K and IMHANS.
  • Probably, this is the first “zero budget initiative” in the country with the co-ordination of Central- State-Local Self Government and volunteer force.






Day 1

D ay 2

Day 3

D ay 4

1 .

Govt. G eneral

Hospital, Kozhikode

13 -9-17

15 -9-17

19 -9-17

22 -9-17

2 .

Taluk Hospital Quilandy

13 -9-17

15 -9-17

19 -9-17

22 -9-17

3 .

Taluk Hospital Tham arassery

14 -9-17

20 -9-17

25 -9-17

28 -9-17

4 .

District Hospital Vadakara

15 -9-17

19 -9-17

23 -9-17

26 -9-17

5 .

District Hospital Kuttiady

15 -9-17

22 -9-17

25 -9-17

28 -9-17

6 .

Taluk Hospital Nadapuram

14 -9-17

19 -9-17



7 .

Taluk Hospital Feroke




20 -10 -17



Legal Guardianship certificate issuance:

A special initiative for settling all pending applications of Legal Guardianship was also initiated. Those applications received in the Collectorate previously, as well, those beneficiaries in the medical camp found eligible for Legal Guardianship certificate were addressed in the special sitting of the Local Level Committee, in various parts of the District.




Special Aadhaar enrolment camp for Persons with Disabilities:



It is very difficult for Persons with Disabilities, to attain their ADHAAR Cards, through the routine process, by competing with 'normal' persons, standing in long queues. This is further more difficult for persons with severe disabilities. Since ADHAAR Card is the most important single document for every citizen of the country, CRC-K, has taken up the issued and has come up with a novel scheme.

With the co-operation of the District Administration and State IT Mission, CRC-K has prepared an action plan for conducting special ADHAAR Camps exclusively for Persons with Loco motor Disabilities of 80% and above and persons with Mental Retardation. Applications shall be invited through Anganwadis of the State Social Justice Department. Aadhaar registrations and technical processes will be done by the Akshaya Project of the State IT Mission. NGOs and College students will comprise the volunteer force.

Camps will be conducted in various parts of the district. The registration, co-ordination and facilitation of the whole camps will be conducted by CRC-K.


Special Legal Aid Clinic in association with DLSA exclusively for Persons with Disabilities:


A unique initiative was taken up by CRC Kozhikode in association with District Legal Services Authority [DLSA] Kozhikode to address various legal issues faced by the differently abled persons. Regular monthly legal aid clinic for Persons with Disabilities is conducted at CRC-K on every 3rd Monday of the month. PwDs can register their grievances at CRC-K and in the sitting chaired by the DLSA Secretary and Sub Judge, redressal to such grievances are made.

The official inauguration of the programme was held on 9th August 2017 at CRC-K and the function was inaugurated by Smt. M.R. Anitha, Hon'ble District & Sessions Judge of Kozhikode in the presence of Shri. R.L. Baiju, CJM & Secretary DLSA, Dr. P. Krishnakumar, Director IMHANS, Dr. Suresh Kumar Honorary Director IPM and Shri. Abdul Hakeem District Programme Officer.


Special Learners License Camp for Persons with Disabilities


In association with Regional Transport Office (RTO), Govt. of Kerala and District Administration, special camp was organised by CRC, for issuance of Learners Licence exclusively for PwDs, who had for long, applied for it. District Collector of Kozhikode, Shri. U. V. Jose IAS, inaugurated the function on 13th Oct. 2017. This is taken up as an ongoing activity.


‘Magic Lantern’

CRC - SSA combined project for the differently abled children



CRC-K and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is jointly organized the project - “Magic lantern”, to provide clinical outreach services for Children with Special Needs.

The official launch of the programme was done by hon'ble M P of Kozhikode Shri. M.K. Raghavan on 22nd July. Shri. R.L. Baiju (Additional Sessions Judge, Kozhikode & Secretary, District Legal Services Authority), Shri. M. Jayakrishnan (District Project Officer, SSA), Shri. A.K. Abdul Hakeem (District Programme Officer, SSA) and Dr. P. Krishnakumar (Director, IMHANS) were present.



CSR funds mobilization for setting up vocational rehab unit


In a unique initiative of CRC Kozhikode facilitated by the District Legal Services Authority Secretary Shri. R.L. Baiju CJM, CRC-K could mobilize CSR fund to set up a vocational rehabilitation therapy unit. The inauguration of VT unit was done by Shri. U V Jose IAS, District Collector in the presence of Shri. RL Baiju, CJM & Secretary, DLSA, Smt. Saramma T.P, District Social Welfare Officer, Shri. Pareeth Kannankandy, MD Kannankandy Sales corporation, Shri. Muhammed Rafi, Area Sales Manager LG Electronics Kerala, Shri. Jospeh Rubellow Superintendent Boys Home and Shri. Prakashan K, Superintendent HMDC.



Campuses of Kozhikode' - volunteer force for the differently abled



A project of District Administration, Kozhikode      - Component for the differently abled -

“Oppathinoppam”: to build up a massive volunteer force in the district of Kozhikode for various social activities. CRC-K is the official partner to this initiative and is the agency handling the 'disability component' of the initiative.


Employability skill training programme

Started Employability Skill Training programme under Vocational Training & Rehabilitation unit of CRC-K. The initiative aims at placement of trained adult mentally challenged persons as Office Assistants to various departments / organizations. The course is envisaged as a six months in house training programme. The first batch comprise of five candidates with mild MR. The programme was launched by the Director, NIEPMD, Chennai in April 2017.